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Protect your sales,
know your customers better and
secure the financing of your receivables

Chateaudun Crédit, a credit insurance specialist, develops and negotiates the contract that will provide you with optimal protection.

Chateaudun Crédit operations
to support companies and their shareholders:
  • Covering domestic and export customer risk
  • Choosing the best way to insure customer risk
  • Choosing a credit insurance company
  • Helping companies to gain better knowledge of their customers
  • Increasing financing leverage
Allowing companies to securely
develop their businesses
Standard Credit Insurance, Excess of Loss, Single Buyer, Export Guarantee Market intelligence tools
International groups SMEs and mid-market companies Very small businesses
Industry, consulting, IT, construction, services, automotive, aerospace, retail and distribution providers
Customer risk assessment Negotiation of contract terms Support for the finance and credit management team for the duration of the contract.